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Turkey | Vice President Communications

Necati Özkan is the founder and president of ÖYKÜ / Dialogue International; an Istanbul based indepen- dent creative agency. He has been working for national and international brands for over three decades. He has also served as a political consultant and / or campaign manager for politicians. He has worked for political parties, mayors, candidates and NGO’s. He managed more than 150 local, national, presi- dential and international political campaigns in Turkey and around. He won around 60 awards including 11 Pollie Awards, 5 Reed Awards, 14 Polaris Awards, 11 Goldie Awards, 2 Adrian Awards and several national awards. Mr. Özkan is a past president of Dialogue International (A pan-European independent agencies network) and EAPC (European Association of political Consultants) and member of EAPC, AAPC, IAPC, IAA. He teaches Strategy at Brand School of Istanbul Bilgi University. He has 4 authored books on strategy and political campaigning.