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UK/Canada| Board of Directors | Communications

Bob Penner is the CEO of Strategic Communications Inc. (Stratcom), which he founded in 1991. Since then, Stratcom has become an industry leader in campaign and advocacy campaigning, political polling, engagement and targeting strategies, and large scale donor-based fundraising. 

Stratcom has clients in Canada, the United States, the UK and Asia. It services these clients from offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa in Canada, and London and Brighton in the UK.

Bob has been a pollster, strategist, and senior advisor for numerous national, provincial and mayoral elections, as well as for ballot measures, party leadership, public interest advocacy campaigns and governments. Bob has worked on accounts with the New Democratic Party federally and in five provinces, the Canadian Labour Congress, the British Labour Party, the Peoples Vote in UK, and the ACLU. He is a Leadership Fellow of the Broadbent Institute, a leading Canadian progressive think tank.

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