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USA | Secretary General

Matt has more than 27 years of experience working on complex, controversial, and high-profile issues for public and private sector clients, as well as candidates for elected office and ballot measure campaigns. Matt recently served as lead consultant in opposition to a controversial property tax measure in the greater Los Angeles area. Outspent by more than 6:1 and facing widespread support from area politicians, Klink developed and implemented a highly targeted opposition campaign that held the initiative’s proponents to 46% of the vote (the initiative needed 66.7% to pass). Klink, who specializes in working for industries facing regulations and taxes, has worked on candidate and initiative campaigns at multiple levels of government, where he has performed a variety of roles that include general consulting, campaign management, media consulting, campaign spokesperson, direct mail design and production, and coalition building. He has also worked on high-profile public affairs and political projects in 35 countries on six continents. Matt has been an IAPC board member since 2015.

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