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Turkey | Past President

Mr. Ural is senior adviser to the Metropolitan Mayor of Izmir. He has acted as a consultant and a campaign manager during general and local election for social democrat parties and candidates since 1987.

Mr. Ural has been a lecturer at the University of Istanbul Faculty of Economics and at Istanbul University School of Advertising and Market Research. He occasionally continues giving lectures at different uni- versities. Mr. Ural was a founder partner and chairman of Yorum Publicis Istanbul, a leading Integrated communications group founded in 1981. He was a board member of the Turkish Advertising Association and is presently a member of the Advising Board and is serving as the same to the Turkish Advertising Foundation of which he was chairman for many years. Mr. Ural was a chairman of TÜSES (Turkish Social Economic and Political Research Foundation) a social democrat think tank and board member in various other non-profit organizations with similar objectives. Mr. Ural is among the founders of EAPC and served as President in the term 2004-2006. 

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