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United Kingdom | Board of Directors

I started my professional life with a background in business, having read Economics and Finance, Leadership Studies with a minor in Law. However, I quickly found my passion in data-driven corporate, political and social campaigns. I founded Kanto, a smart political consultancy that marries traditional campaigning techniques with new technologies; bringing together people, data and technology to empower individuals, movements and organisations.

As a Consultant, I bring with me an in-depth knowledge of the British political arena, as well as the ability and willingness to be internationally mobile, which is the key to success in this field. My knowledge of data gathering and data processing tools gives me a unique outlook on how campaigns should be organised. This, coupled with our research in social media engagement and patterns of usage, gives us the foundations to build groundbreaking campaigns at multiple levels.

My most significant work as Chief Technical Officer for the Vote Leave Campaign where our campaign helped digitally galvanize and engage the nation on a scale never before seen. I have also worked on over 20 MP campaigns across the country as well as internationally in the Caribbean and the United States.

I have worked at Killik & Co., Winterflood Securities, Standard Chartered Bank and the hedge fund CQS.

While at the University in Richmond, Va. I studied Economics, Finance, Leadership studies and a minor in Law and the Liberal arts. I was the graduation speaker and president of my fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta. 
During my 4 years at university, I was very involved in student government, community service and I worked at the Housing Office. I also studied abroad at Emmanuel College, Cambridge taking Law classes.

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